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SHADO Inc. is a Seattle multimedia studio providing a seamless bridge of professional video editing, industry-leading graphic design, state-of-the-art audiovisual production, and award-winning illustration.
Founded by creative firebrand Shado Norstegaard as a grass-roots alternative to conventional design agencies, SHADO Inc. delivers dynamic digital entertainment to the masses for an unbeatable value.

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I'm a jack-of-all-trades multimedia creator who loves making cool stuff!

Shado Norstegaard


With an intuitive grasp of cinematic flow and an insatiable passion for technology, SHADO specializes in creating unforgettable video experiences.

Shado has been editing video since the early 90s era of VHS tapes and AB roll editors. The prominent rise of computing soon revolutionized video production and Shado was on the front lines of the movement.
Today, SHADO uses an arsenal of evolving tools and the latest cutting-edge technology to craft custom thematic experiences guaranteed to impress.

Graphic design is so pervasive as to be practically transparent. Shado believes the medium IS the message and takes command of whatever tools are necessary to convey the experience.

Graphic design is SHADO's lifeblood and livelihood. As a small child, Shado was fascinated by the power of the logotype - the simple, bold black&white shapes that archetypally speak to us on some cosmic level.
Years later, Shado came to realize that he didn't choose graphic design. It chose him, giving purpose and direction to his creative tendencies.

Illustration is like being a DJ with graphics, quickly building new ideas from remixed vector LEGO pieces.

When he entered the sign industry in 2001, Shado immediately fell in love with vector illustration. Although initially somewhat intimidated by the learning curve of Adobe Illustrator, the program is now an indispensible tool now that is used every single day.
Shado often creates entire works in Illustrator and avoids Photoshop altogether, just for the sheer challenge. This stubborn trait eventually became a trademark of his style. A person would be extremely hard-pressed to find the same level of experience, talent, and passion for digital illustration.

With over two decades as an audiovisual engineer and performance artist, SHADO is a trusted name in visual entertainment.

SHADO has a solid reputation as one of the most hard-working and dedicated AV performers around, consistently doing whatever it takes to make an event successful.
Some of the acts and/or organizations Shado has provided AV support for include Bassnectar, White Stripes, Sub Pop Records, Decibel Festival, Esthetic Evolution, Iboga Records, Velvet Revolver, and more.

Video podcasting has taken the internet by storm and SHADO is right at the forefront.

SHADO produces weekly live video podcasts promoting regional events and entertainment focused on the alternative counterculture. This experience has been invaluable toward developing confidence with emerging digital media.
By knowing the correct tools and workflow to get the job done, SHADO can provide your business with the latest viral marketing options to reach your audience in fresh ways.

Why Choose SHADO?


"Don't be a wimp" was one of Shado's favorite sayings from design school. One cannot truly be creative if there is fear of exploring, engaging, experimenting, and even occasionally going back to the proverbial drawing board.


Being on time and delivering on schedule are imperative components of business. When inevitable problems do arise, having the integrity to be transparently honest is even more important.


Part of being a sucessful designer is presenting a mysterious yet compelling aura for the audience. An insatiable curiosity for larger than life cinematic experiences is the foundation of everything Shado does.


Shado has devoted a lifetime to finding equilibrium between beauty and utilitarianism in design, always seeking the ultimate pinnacle of function and fashion.


Doing well at a job is more than earning a paycheck. It means going above and beyond expectations. Shado is always on your side and willing to go the extra mile.


Warm and easy-going with an innate ability to make friends with damn near anyone, Shado is a natural leader who thrives on mutual respect and direct communication.

What People are Saying

Courteous, flexible, and always professional. Shado's visual presentations never fail to amaze our attendees. In many cases it's half of the show!

Joe Evans, Seattle Psy Ops

What People are Saying

Shado's visuals completely set the vibe for the first Opulent Temple White Party and also for our 2nd Annual Wonderland event. I totally trust him to do great work. Book him!

John Allen, Opulent Temple

What people say?

I couldn't imagine working with anyone else!

Royce Owen, Summa Inc.

What people are saying

This is such an awesome display of the creative genius that flows through Mr. Norstegaard! He speaks my language! Highly recommended! Must watch!

Anthony Correia

What people are saying

SHADO has done visuals for a few of our shows now. Amazing visuals every time that really give the venue a professional look. We plan to continue working with SHADO for our future shows. I would highly recomend using their services for your events or promotional material.

Patrick Meagher, Cosmic Horizon
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