Tribalessence Vol II Artwork
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1. Case study

DJ Waater commissioned SHADO to create artwork for the second volume of his popular Tribalessence compilation series on the psytrance label, Triplag records.

2. Result

On release, Tribalessence Volume II was well-received and continues to be one of the top selling albums in Triplag's discography.

3. Experience

Building off the buzz and style of SHADO's artwork for Osiris Indriya, SHADO was able to delve even further into the vibrant vector style that has become a trademark.

Project Details


Date: JULY, 2013

WEBSITE: triplag.com

To all which is light and the shadows of soul unknown, let your Tribalessence unfold into this story that has been foretold. Triplag Music proudly presents, the second long play digital album, Tribalessence – Volume II.
All tracks crafted by some of the most influential artists in Psychedelic, and Goa Trance music. Tracks have been carefully selected by “DJ Waater” (Shepherd Grei), with Mastering by Yamio for Ascended Masters. Digital art designs by Shado Norstegaard. Keep it real!

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