Custom vinyl wrapped Fender Stratocaster
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1. Case study

An all-black Fender Stratocaster was begging for a unique graphic treatment to show off the cool metallic and specialty print capabilities of thermal transfer printing.

2. Result

The guitar is an excellent show piece for the product showroom and highlights the prismatic finish of the now discontinued holographic spot color ribbons.

3. Experience

Wrapping a guitar is an excellent way to brush up on applying vinyl graphics over complex curves. Nothing has curves like a Strat!

Project Details

Client: SUMMA

Date: APRIL, 2014

A special edition all-black Fender Stratocaster was disassembled to gain access to the main body. The graphics were laid out in Illustrator and printed on bubble-release high performance wrapping vinyl using black and holographic thermal transfer printing.
Once the printing was completed, the graphics were laminated with cast wrapping film and applied to the guitar body, carefully trimming around the curves so as to not affect the paint and clear coat layers.

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