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Icky Thump Album Release Graphics
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1. Case study

The White Stripes desired a unique experience to celebrate the release of their album, Icky Thump. The marketing stunt was also a political statement against the demise of the music industry to digital distribution.

2. Result

The entire exterior of the defunct Tower Records on Sunset Blvd was adorned head to toe in White Stripes regalia. Hundreds of people waited in line for days to gain free admission to the special event.

3. Experience

While employed by Art & Sign Production of Los Angeles, Shado designed and printed the gigantic displays from imagery provided by Warner Bros and Jack White himself. The Icky Thump release was a commercial success and other bands attempted to follow suit.

Project Details


Date: JUNE, 2007

To commemorate the history of the location, the Tower Records font was emulated for the gigantic banners running down the tops of the building. 8x8 boards featured artwork from all of the band's previous albums, including imagery from the new Icky Thump.
In addition to the banners and large boards, a custom marquee sign was created to announce the show. Hundreds camped out for days hoping for a shot at the limited capacity. Shado also projected video alongside the band during the performance.

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