Three-Dimensional Boombox
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1. Case study

Summa was looking for a packaging design to showcase the cutting and creasing abilities of the F Series in addition to providing a functional box to hold sample kit materials.

2. Result

A 3D boombox was printed on offset printers and the sheets are used to demonstrate the F Series capabilities as well as contain various customer-specified sample items.

3. Experience

Working in 3D is lots of fun and especially thrilling to be involved in each step of the process watching the packaging come to life before one's eyes.

Project Details

Client: SUMMA

Date: OCTOBER, 2012

The boombox design was created entirely in Adobe Illustrator, except for a few embedded photos. The crease and cut paths are saved as a separate PDF with the full color graphic sent to the printer.
Once printed, feeding the sheets onto the flatbed finishing system allowed prospective customers to witness the digital finishing capabilities of the machine and leave with a box to hold product-related swag.

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