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1. Case study

Vantage Robotics needed videos edited for an exciting new product launch featuring cutting edge drone technology combined with ulta high resolution video recording capabilities.

2. Result

A series of video clips were assembled together for the main sections of the website explaining the various features and benefits of the product.

3. Experience

Lots of valuable experience was gained in exporting video for web, which codecs to use, and keeping video within a manageable file size while retaining the highest quality.

Project Details


Date: 2015 - Present

WEBSITE: vantagerobotics.com

At Vantage Robotics, we believe flying cameras should be safe and easy to use for everyone. That hasn’t been the case with other drones and flying cameras, so we set out to solve this problem. Flying is magical to us, and we want to share that experience with the world. Go on, tell your story from above.
The team at Vantage has over half a century of combined experience developing and manufacturing high tech products, both at premier design consultancies like IDEO as well as within our own companies. We have done nothing over the last two years, but focus on making the best flying camera the world has ever seen.

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