Shado Norstegaard

Visual Designer

Graphic Artist

UX / UI Designer

Technical Illustrator

Video Editor / VFX

CAD Drafter

Motion Graphics Animator

Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard
Shado Norstegaard

Visual Designer

Graphic Artist

UX / UI Designer

Technical Illustrator

Video Editor / VFX

CAD Drafter

Motion Graphics Animator

About Me
hello, world hi

I'm a project manager and multifaceted designer based in Seattle. My background is built upon a lifelong devotion to exploring creative solutions at the bridge of visual communication and technology

  • Age: Gen X
  • Residence: Seattle, WA
My Services
Project Management

Skilled in communication, leadership, risk management, and problem-solving. Working collaboratively with team members, stakeholders, and clients to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved

User Experience Design

Skilled in design thinking, user research, prototyping, and usability testing. Adept at working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to deliver user intuitive products within timeline scope and budget

Design & Illustration

Deep-level versatility with computer-assisted design and illustration tools, specifically in the realms of signmaking and architectural graphics. Fluent across Adobe CC and equally at ease in PC or Mac environments


Technical design and drafting of experiential graphics, ADA wayfinding systems, and fabricated signage for architectural construction projects. Proficient in production file preparation and setup for CAM machinery

Motion Graphics / Animation

Extensive hands-on experience with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate for 2D visuals, with some Cinema 4D thrown in when extra dimensions are desired. Able to learn new software quickly

Video Editing / Visual FX

Whether it's meticulously cutting and splicing clips in Premiere or developing real-time generative visuals, editing video content into tangible experiences is innately wired into the circuitry

DBA Trade Names
Shado Inc.
PSY Global
Psychedelic Television
Fractal Laser
Technical Designer
2024 - Present
Technical Designer
Waypoint Sign Co.

★ Technical design and drafting of large-scale exterior architectural signage / experiential graphics

★ Shop drawings for construction submittals, sign fabrication diagrams, and manufacturing plans

★ Permit packet layout and preparation of location plans, site maps, and related design / illustrative assets

★ Inter-departmental solutions technician focused on efficient execution of structural engineering methodologies and cost-effective strategies

Project Manager
2023 - 2024
Project Manager
Crossroad SIGN
Lynnwood, WA

★ Guiding projects through all phases of scope from inception to completion.
★ Project timeline management, permit acquisition, installation and inspection scheduling
★ Proactive client and vendor communication throughout each project lifespan
★ Interpreting architectural drawings and elevations for signage projects
★ Providing estimates, billing, and administrative sales support
★ Multi-city business licensing and specific jurisdictional zoning requirements
★ Surveying locations and determining ideal solutions to meet client needs
★ Scheduling timelines for internal staff and external vendor availability
★ Fleet vehicle maintenance and overall operations management

Technical Designer
2021 - 2023
Technical Designer
Evergreen Sign Co.
Kent, WA

★ Project management with extensive client / vendor communication
★ CAD drafting and technical illustration of architectural / experiential design projects
★ Development of precision shop drawings and accurately scaled fabrication plans
★ Sign plans for permitting acquisition and construction submittals
★ Full range design from conceptual renderings to detailed drafting
★ Client consultancy throughout entire scope of projects
★ ADA specialist versed in braille, tactile substrates, and modern sign fabrication tech

★ Production file setup for large format printing, CNC, laser cutting, and machine engraving

Graphic Design Manager<u></u>
2018 - 2020
Graphic Design Manager
Trade-Marx Sign & Display
Seattle, WA

★ Project management, order procurement, and inventory control
★ Drive interdepartmental workflow and production itinerary
★ Employee hiring, delegation, and evaluation
★ Design of precision-scaled layouts to client specs
★ Drafting technical drawings for 2D & 3D production assets
★ Produce signs for major clients such as Boeing, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon
★ Comprehension and implementation of the entire spectrum of sign-making techniques from ADA compliancy standards to large scale environmental installations
★ Rebuilt website to reflect 50th Anniversary of company
★ Operation / maintenance of printers, laminators, vinyl cutters, digital finishing equipment, laser and machine engravers
★ Graphic application and install lead

Graphic Production Specialist
Graphic Production Specialist
Seattle, WA

★ Lead Dye Sub Transfer Technician
★ UV Flatbed, Hybrid, and HP Latex printer operation/maintenance
★ Digital finishing/routing on Esko Kongsberg flatbed and Fotoba cutters
★ Operate hot, cold, and liquid lamination equipment
★ Mounting of films and adhesives to substrates
★ Application of vinyl graphics
★ Sewing & textile assembly

Production Project Manager
2017 - 2018
Production Project Manager
Stella Color
Seattle, WA

★ UV Print Lead, Rigid and Flexible Substrates
★ Primary vinyl and contour cutting tech
★ Art canvas, wall covering and liquid lamination expert
★ Dye sublimation and sewing
★ Vehicle wraps and graphic installation
★ Forklift and delivery operator
★ Inventory and material control
★ Machine maintenance and repair technician
★ Mounting of films and adhesives
★ On-site installation support

Digital Sign Designer
Digital Sign Designer
United Print Signs Graphics
Seattle, WA

★ Spearheaded corporate digital signage division
★ Pre-press production and design
★ Digital RIP setup for UV, latex, & solvent printers
★ Production art preparation for laminators, vinyl cutters, and digital finishing systems
★ CAD / CAM Cutting & routing operations

Graphic Production Specialist
Graphic Production Specialist
McNamara Signs
Seattle, WA

★ Large-format production & digital finishing
★ Vinyl application & vehicle graphics/wrapping
★ Lamination and mounting of graphic films
★ Routing / cutter operation technician
★ Custom fabrication / assembly of sign components
★ Installation & paint preparation

User Experience Lead
2008 - 2015
User Experience Lead
Summa Inc.
Seattle, WA

★ Refined and redefined the brand identity for a leading global sign equipment manufacturing company
★ Built several successful website iterations
★ Interviewed / published in major trade magazines such as Sign & Digital, Signs of the Times, SignCraft, and Digital Output.
★ Chief copywriter and social media manager
★ UX / UI design of software, apps, and web
★ Photography, video, and editing
★ Motion graphics and interactive design
★ Employee hiring, delegation, and supervision (typically 2-5 employees)

Graphic Design Manager
Graphic Design Manager
Decal Guy
Beaverton, OR

★ Design, consult, and meet with clients
★ Produce signs, graphics, and apparel to customer specs
★ Answer phones, greet customers, provide quotes
★ Inventory & material management
★ Employee hiring, delegation, and supervision (2-3 employees)
★ Installation & application of finished signs/graphics

Digital Sign Producer
2007 - 2008
Digital Sign Producer
Art & Sign Production, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

★ Graphic design for major clients in the music, film, and entertainment industries
★ Lead motion graphics artist for Original Motion Pixel division
★ Programming and distribution of digital signage assets
★ Content creation / copy writing for retail electronic displays and digital POP kiosks
★ Display wall matrix wiring and video projection mapping

Graphic Design Manager
2005 - 2007
Graphic Design Manager
Dublin, GA

★ Graphic Design
★ Production & Lamination
★ Client Interaction
★ Contour & Vinyl Cutting
★ Quotation & Customer Service

Lead Graphic Designer
2001 - 2004
Lead Graphic Designer
Sign Pro
Cheyenne, WY

★ Design Artwork for Exterior & Interior Signage from Client Input
★ Provide Quotes and Invoice Customers
★ Operate Large Format Printers, Lamination & Vinyl Cutting Equipment
★ Administrative Management of Inventory and Order Procurement
★ High-Level Familiarity with Sign Fabrication Tools & Methodology
★ Start to Finish Sign Production and Follow-Up Client Support

Graphic Production Specialist
2000 - 2001
Graphic Production Specialist
Vision Graphics
Cheyenne, WY

★ Bindery & Finishing Equipment Operation
★ Large Format Folding Machine Specialist
★ Bookbinding & Collation Management
★ Screenprint Pre-Press & Electrostatic Welding

Graphic Designer Production
1999 - 2000
Graphic Designer Production
Little Ol' Printshop
Cheyenne, WY

★ Prepress Layout & Design
★ Prepare Plates for Spot & 4 Color Printing Process
★ Folding & Bindery Equipment Setup and Operation
★ Letterpress & Cutting Machinery Operation
★ Foil & Raised Ink Operator

American InterContinental University
2006 - 2007
American InterContinental University
Atlanta, GA

B.F.A. in Visual Communications. Digital Design core

Middle Georgia State University
2004 - 2006
Middle Georgia State University
Cochran, GA

B.S. in Business Administration and Management. Merchandising and Marketing Certificate of Diploma

Cabrillo College
1997 - 1998
Cabrillo College
Soquel, CA

Studio and Fine Arts, silkscreen concentration

Black Hills State University
1994 - 1995
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, SD

Studio and Fine Arts, commercial design concentration

  • Adobe CC
  • Microsoft Office
  • Sign Making
  • RIP / Print
  • Project Management
  • Visual Design / UX
  • Production Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Vector
  • Raster
  • Video
  • Office
  • Project management
  • UX design & web devlopment
  • Drawing & drafting expertise
  • Mac and Windows fluency
  • Experience with industry-leading design tools
  • Decades of sign fabrication
  • Hands-on and proactive team contributor
Experiential Graphics
Graphic, Music, Sign
Marketing Design
Graphic, Sign
Surf & Skate Design
Sign, Surf & Skate
Album Art
Graphic, Music
Psychedelic TV
Audiovisual, Laser, Music
Living the Dream
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Despite this website being a work in progress situation, I am also in the progress of finding work and will…

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